Into the Middle Ages

The blog has been quiet since January!  We’ve been keeping on with full academics, but our Tapestry of Grace Humanities Studies took a back seat as I’ve juggled new health challenges.  (More on that in a later post, but for now, I’ll just share that my breast cancer returned in other organs, and is now Stage IV.) Despite–and even amid–the health challenges, we are blessed abundantly; Life, while undeniably altered, is still rich and full, but my already lagging blog slips further into the backseat (or maybe even the trunk or hatch-back?) as academics, excursions, music lessons, dance lessons, swimming, electives, social outings, fellowship, chemotherapy, natural treatments, and often just crashing on the couch, take precedence.

Returning to our formal humanities studies, we pick up where we left off before Christmas. (I neglected to post our final set of late-Roman-empire books.)  The great Roman Empire has fractured and crumbled, and Britain is rising.  This is an exciting era to study.  The children are already planing jousts and medieval feasts!  Below is a sampling of books from this first three weeks (of ten weeks total) in the Middle Ages.

(If you are reading through a feed-reader and can’t see the widgets showing our book selections, click on through to the blog.)


5 thoughts on “Into the Middle Ages

  1. Saturday, I had been explaining to people who were interested by my books, How I happened to write ;
    “Elle et le cadeau de l’arbre” and “Quand tu seras grand” after reading some of your writing on your blog. So I had you in my mind all WE.
    Well… I don’t like the last news you gave us. May God bless you and be with you on this unpleasant journey.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your blog entry sitting in my inbox. After reading this one, however…..I am sorry to hear that your cancer has returned. I will be praying for you, hubby and children.

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