Mature beyond her years, Kaira has an analytical mind, amazing sense of focus, and quiet confidence.

Among her interests are literature, playing harp, knitting, and chess.  (Most often we find her either at the harp or lost in a book.)

My three oldest girls each remind me of a season. (For some reason the boys and Kiffanie don’t.) Kaira is Autumnal in my fanciful imagination. I think of a school girl with books in one hand and a basket of crisp red apples in the other–fallen leaves crunch softly beneath her feet.

In a recent post she provided an accurate and insightful self-description, comparing herself to our state, Wyoming. Click here to read her thoughts.

I’m in awe of my girl’s maturity, dedication, sense of responsibility, and devotion to God. I hope to be like her when I grow up!

The name, Kaira is derived from the greek word, Kairos–God’s Timing.