I’m Dell; writer of this blog and the PrairieFrog mommy.   My interests are too diverse for my own good, but I’m primarily a Christian, a wife, and a mother.  “Fatigued fulfillment” is the catch phrase I’ve coined to describe my richly rewarding (but often sleep deprived) days of tending, teaching, training, and treasuring my family.

A few of my favorite things: Good books, dark chocolate, deep red roses, lilacs in may, aspen trees in autumn, a steaming mug of coffee, a cup of hot tea and dandelion bouquets clenched in a chubby hands.

I excel at procrastination and irrelevance.  I’m woefully lazy but very driven, confident but tentative, introverted yet outgoing, and straightforwardly circuitous.

Click here (well, only if you wish) to read a meme Ken and I did a couple years ago that gives a fun perspective on my personality.

For a brief disclaimer and insight into my goals behind this blog, read “Catching Dewdropshere.