Ken is my husband, and closest friend on earth.

He’s a daily encouragement, an example of integrity, and a Godly husband and father.  He happens to like frogs, hence the “frog” part of our homeschool & blog name.   He juggles an amazing amount of responsibilities with apparent relaxed ease.

We filled out a meme a few years back with personality analogies answering, “If I were a shoe/city/season/car/vegetable/fruit/color/piece of furniture/country/beverage/article of clothing/weather/dessert/plant, I’d be _______”   Ken and I worked on them together, and these are what we came up with for him:


Ken’s a hiking boot, He’s Estes Park in its off season.

He’s Autumn, He’s a 4-Runner, He’s a Golden Potato, He’s a watermelon, And he’s purple.

He’s a computer desk, He’s Iceland, And Classic Coke
He’s a sweatshirt, He’s overcast and cool, He’s key lime pie, And a Blue Spruce


Ken (With Kieran 2009)