Kendra is tenderhearted, abstractedly brilliant, thoughtful and sympathetic.  Her gentle characteristics are a backdrop for a whimsical and sometimes zany sense of humor.

A typical day finds her doing–well, just about anything!  Her interests are diverse.  She enjoys reading, math, music (especially hammered dulcimer), building fairy houses outside, or whipping up a batch of muffins.  Her favorite historical figures are Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein.

As I mentioned on Kaira’s page, each of the girls bring a season to my mind.  Kendra is Spring, with it’s pastel flowers unfurling beneath a clear blue sky.  She’s a mild, sunny day or a gentle spring shower.  I picture her in the garden; Her diligent hands (with a bit of dirt under the fingernails) clutch a bouquet of tulips.

If the Monday’s Child poem held true, Kendra should have been born on the Sabbath.  (She was actually born on Thursday.)  The Sabbath description fits better, as she is  “bonny and blithe and bright and gay.”  (All words quoted use vintage definitions.)

Sweet Kendra

The name Kendra means wisdom.