Our Baby Across the World

We began our adoption journey to bring home a precious baby girl, born late May,2011 across the world in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A friend told me about this baby and within weeks of her birth we had submitted paperwork for an adoption home study.  I’m still amazed at the way God worked to place her in our hearts–she’d been abandoned at the hospital as a newborn with a rough start in life–but recovered to be fully healthy and adoptable.  She was soon in the care of a small, loving, Christian orphanage.  I treasure the knowledge that she experienced God’s love there–even being held by the little girl we now know as our Kiffanie–but I’m getting ahead in this story.

The process of adoption is wondrous, but turbulent.     I’m in awe and humbled that we have the opportunity to love the little girl who was born as Marie Claire in the Congo.  We made plans for her to be our Kivren Marie, for she was already so dear to us!

Then it happened.  Incomprehensible to our short-sighted human hearts, she was very literally snatched from us and from that little orphanage.  You can read the details here.  Our little Kivren will not be coming to Wyoming, for God has another plan for her life.  .Our role in her life from this point seems to be prayer alone.  We will always pray for her, for God’s protection on her, and for her to shine for Him whatever her circumstances.  

In his grace, through little Kivren’s story, God has given us another child to love–Kiffanie Joy.   Read about God’s hand in bringing her to our hearts in this entry.

Kivren, our little baby who first drew our hearts to the Democratic Republic of Congo will never be forgotten, and will always be a child of our hearts and prayers.



One thought on “Our Baby Across the World

  1. Oh Dell, that is absolutely wonderful! We have begun to sincerely think of adoption as well. For years we’ve been overwhelmed by the process and so we just let the idea go. This is so incredibly exciting!

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