Olden things

I've been focusing on a different area of my “nooks and crannies” along with my cleaning each week.  Certainly some of the nooks and crannies stash clutter or harbor dust. But some nooks are filled with treasures.


The treasure nooks are a joy to dust.  Today, as I cleaned the tops of the kitchen cabinets and organized the upper cupboards, I took pleasure in this little collection of olden things above my tea cupboard.  The flour shaker and egg beaters were well used by my Grandmother.  The butter mold–although not old at all, is also a reminder of the tradition of making wholesome butter–something my girls have been eager to do again. 



One thought on “Olden things

  1. Oh, I love your “olden things”!!!!!! I have several pieces of my own that belonged to my grandmothers, and I treasure them highly! The one I love most is an old wooden dough bowl used by my great-grandmother to make bread every day. She died in the mid-1920’s, and I don’t know how long she had it before she died. It’s one of my most cherished possessions!

    Susan from WATW

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