Across Five Mays

Three years ago today, Kiffanie arrived home and dove right into Prairiefrog life with joyous enthusiasm! Tonight we celebrate with waffles for dinner–the same meal we served four years ago when we announced to her siblings we were adopting!

Kiffanie--Three Years Home

Kiffanie–Three Years Home

The sequence below shows her in May of every year since we first knew of her in 2011. (The first frame is the first photo we have of her, the last frame from last week.) God knew our family needed a Kiffanie–and I am forever grateful.

Across Five Mays

Across Five Mays (click to enlarge)


9 thoughts on “Across Five Mays

  1. Are you ok? Been thinking of you as I’ve been helping my young daughter battle an aggressive cancer this whole year. I pray you are ok.

  2. Thinking of you. A few years ago we wrote a little back and forth. I’m wondering how you are. Please write a short email. You can see my address.

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