Preparing for New Pets

This morning, while I enjoyed a tooth extraction, Ken and the children furnished a cozy home for our fuzzy friends. It’s ready for the arrival of a “nuclear colony” early Saturday morning!

We debated putting the hive in the chicken run–apparently chickens often help clean up dead bees, and pollinators and poultry can be friends; but then we also heard reports of rogue chickens devouring a whole bee colony.  Ultimately we “chickened” out and they will “bee” in a chicken-free zone. (Groan at the lame puns if you like, I blame the pain meds.)

Kendra, my garden-girl, is preparing to assist with new pets!  (She’ll add a thick denim jacket and elbow-high protective gloves to her ensemble when we actually embark.)

Bee Keeper Kendra

Bee Keeper Kendra


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