Rising 6th Grader

Keianna finished her 5th grade texts and is ready for 6th!  Per PrairieFrog tradition, I took her out to her choice of restaurants, and she chose Starbucks–where she ordered a vanilla latte and chocolate croissant, and declared this, “a delicious way to become a sixth grader!”  She noticed she was the only grade-schooler in the bustling establishment, and was tickled to be out enjoying coffee while her peers are still in classes–it’s that same exhilaration my children feel upon seeing a school bus filled with students hours after we are finished with the day’s formal work.

Keianna has numerous adventures planned for this summer and the year ahead–ambitions that will be fun, but also challenging.  As we discussed her upcoming plans, I mused that they’ll involve hard work; With characteristic ‘Anna spunk, her eyes twinkled as she said, “I hope it’s hard, because otherwise I won’t learn anything!”

Here’s my new sixth grader: ( Photo taken right after wiping the chocolate from her cheeks):

"A Delicious way to become a 6th grader"

“A Delicious way to become a 6th grader”



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