Classical Greece in our Book Basket

We are back in Ancient Greece–a bit further down the timeline, and now at the height of the classical era!  The book baskets are spilling over with riches as we wrap up the school year.

Kaira, my Rhetoric level student, has a few reading assignments not represented in the book basket.  Plato’s Apology, Crito, and Republic,  and Aristotle’s Politics can be found free online, so she’ll be using those  resources in addition to several items in the book basket below.

We stretched the definition a bit to include the Percy Jackson series which Ken’s reading aloud to the children.  It’s bodaciously fictional, and set in modern times, but we decided it “counts” because they feature the Greek gods.  This series is great fun for all ages.

Below, our book basket for the upcoming month; If you are reading on a feed reader and can’t see the widgets, click through to see our book selections for this fun era:


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