Muscle Massage~Essential Oil Blend

About the time I posted my other essential oil blends, I concocted a Muscle Massage blend as well.  At that time, I held off sharing the recipe because it was still a newer blend for us and hadn’t stood the test of time in our own home usage. In the months (years?) since, Muscle Massage has more than earned its place among our favorite Essential Oil recipes as a household staple!

Kaira, my eldest daughter, had a crazy growth spurt of six inches in as many months resulting in all sorts of muscular skeletal issues.  For a time she struggled to practice harp and piano–two of her passions.  I created this blend primarily for her–but I reach for it when aches and pains strike any family member.  It’s fabulous for back massages, my little guys request it for leg cramps, and it’s my husband’s “weekend warrior” go-to remedy.  Kaira is still its biggest fan–she even takes a roller bottle of Muscle Massage in her purse for harp gigs.

Muscle Massage Blend
3 parts Basil Essential Oil
3 parts Peppermint Essential Oil
2 parts Marjoram Essential Oil
2 parts Cedarwood Essential Oil
1 part Lavender Essential Oil
*In a base of Emu Oil

*Mix the five essential oils together for the base blend, then dilute 50/50 with a carrier oil in a roller bottle for easy application.  I use Emu Oil as the carrier oil for this blend because Emu Oil’s anti-inflammatory properties make the ideal collaborator with these essential oils in soothing aches.

Emu Oil is thick at room temperature, so I pour hot water (about the temperature used for a cup of tea) into a mug or cup, then put the bottle of emu oil in the mug for a minute until it liquefies–that makes it the perfect consistency for pouring into bottles.  I buy the roller bottles here or here.

My favorite source for Essential Oils is Heritage Essential Oil, and I highly recommend them for superior quality, a fair price, amazing customer service and ethics, and freedom from MLM games.  I buy a few oils from Mountain Rose Herbs as well, and occasionally from a few other sources as I explain in this post.

Spring is here, and we are gardening, playing outside and over-exerting winter-weakened muscles and I’ve been reaching for Muscle Massage more than ever.  I hope it helps you as it has us.

Kaira, harpist and spokeslady for PrairieFrog Muscle Massage Blend

Kaira, harpist and spokeslady for PrairieFrog Muscle Massage Blend

Disclaimers: I’m just a mom with a blog. I’m not a doctor and don’t have any impressive credentials. Don’t blindly try anything you read on the internet.  I don’t promise these will cure anything, or that they are without risk.   I am not affiliated with any of the resources linked in this post and no one is compensating me or paying me for my opinion. (Bummer!)  


2 thoughts on “Muscle Massage~Essential Oil Blend

  1. Hello
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    with the results after prohormones cycles, just google
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    • Hi, Margot, thanks for stopping by! I’m not a bodybuilder, and I like to keep things simple and natural, so I can’t give encouragement regarding prohormones. Your doctor, naturopath, and training coaches may offer more relevant insight. Whatever you decide, I think a body-builder like yourself would love the Muscle-Massage essential oil! If you mix up a batch, let me know how you like Muscle Massage!

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