Retro-Blogging: “Christmas Adam” 2013

I’m dusting off the blog, and catching up on back posts!  I hope to post Homeschool and PrairieFrog Apothecary updates soon as well, but we have Christmas and birthdays that were never blogged in late 2013 and the first part of this year!

We celebrate Christmas in stages.  Through the entire Advent season we do devotional readings as a family as we light Advent candles and reflect on what God has done for us.  Because Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are busy with extended family, we’ve carved out December 23rd for our own immediate family gift exchange (Named Christmas Adam because it comes before Christmas Eve.)  The following pictures are from that cozy family time.  Well, usually it’s cozy–this year it was more crazy-goofy, primarily due to Keegan’s unprecidented enthusiasm and zany energy–a good time was had by all!

Grab a cup of mulled cider and a cookie, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy these glimpses into our family celebration!


Our “Christmas Adam” family time


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