My Kaira-Girl is 14!

Oh, how I love teens! Every age is fun, but there’s something exciting about the energy, potential, insight, spark, and the free-thinking creativity of the teenage years.  I’m enjoying this young lady–although it hardly seems possible this wee one I held in my arms stands taller than me (as of about one week ago!)

She’ll have a lobster meal (with a huge salad and brownies) per her request this evening.  I have lots of birthday blogging to catch up on (I still haven’t finished posts about Kiffanie’s and Keianna’s birthdays), so it will likely be blogged eventually.  Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of my girlie!

Happy Birthday, Kaira!  You are an amazing young lady!


2 thoughts on “My Kaira-Girl is 14!

  1. Wow, she has grown a lot from a year ago when that family photo on the side was taken. Happy Birthday Kaira! Fourteen is Fabulously Fun and Frivolous!

  2. I’ve been a reader of your blog for years. How grown up she got (as with the rest of your children)
    You have a beautiful family! How the years fly.
    Lovely photo, I must say I do love her shorter hair, co cute!
    Happy 14 Birthday Kaira—-Have fun!

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