Keianna’s Birthday Party (Part I of III)

I’ve been in a slump on getting photos and posts off my hard-drive (or in some cases even to the hard-drive) and onto the blog.  In addition to schoolish busyness, we’ve had a major celebration this month!  Keianna’s birthday is a week before Christmas, and she’ll be ten!  Tenth birthdays are big events for our PrairieFrogs–big themed events with cousins and grandparents getting in on the fun.  A huge celebration one week before Christmas just seemed cramped, and so we time-shifted Keianna’s party to October in the hopes of good weather for outdoor events.  Surely the first weekend in October would bring beautiful, autumn weather, right?  Bwaaahhaaa haa!  Wyoming doesn’t do predictable.  Two days before her party we were hit with a bitter snow storm.   By party-day, roads improved enough for guests to travel, but our yard remained a chilly, soggy, Northern Waste, requiring a few modifications to the activities.  It all worked beautifully though! I’ll share photos over the next week as time allows.)

Invitation to Keianna's Party

Invitation to Keianna’s Party


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