Cycladics, Minoans, Mycenaeans and Trojans on My Coffee Table

Rain drops on the skylights, and children practicing piano provide background music as I type this post.  I’m sipping my homemade pumpkin spice latte, and living the dream!  (Yeah, I dream small, but then, I’ve always been a simple-pleasure-sort.)  Drizzly autumn days are perfect for lighting candles, baking, curling up with a book, and enjoying the homey glow indoors!  I’ve often wondered what sort of melancholy person I must be to prefer overcast dampness to bright sunshine.

Our book-basket is stocked with treasures, new and old, and the crock-pot is bubbling.  Rain and snow on the forecast will interfere little with our busy-at-home plans for this week.  Maybe I’ll even catch up on blog posts and share glimpses of recent prairiefrog fun!  (Photos from Kiffanie’s birthday, the zoo, schooling snapshots, and Keianna’s early birthday party wait on my hard-drive.)

We continue our journey through time by stopping off in ancient Greece, where we’ll enjoy the flavor of Cycladic, Minoan, Mycenaean and Trojan cultures.  (We’ll return to classical Greece again next quarter, as this visit touches on only the earliest Greek civilization.)

Greek mythology, fascinates me–and the earliest Greek fables charm me more than the more complex, classical era’s pantheon.

Kaira’s digging deeper into the Illiad and the Odyssey as Tapestry guides her through Words of Delight by Leland Ryken, a rich Biblical  Literary Analysis resource she’s using over several units.  Although some have reviewed Words of Delight as dull, Tapestry’s interweaving of the book’s concepts through many other works of literature over  the scope of History has made it one of Kaira’s favorites.  It’s not pictured in the book basket because it’s an ongoing text/reference rather than being specific to emerging Greek cultures.

If you are reading through a feed reader and can’t see the book widgets, click on through to the blog!  Two widgets, one of book covers, the other text with titles and authors, share our smorgasbord for the next two weeks.


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