Ancient Americas, China, and India on The Coffee Table

These books showed up on our coffee table a week ago, at which time I typed out this post–complete with the virtual “book basket” widgets.  Somehow in the busy blur, I never actually published it to the blog, so it languished in draft mode all week.  I have other posts in my head awaiting typing–Kiffanie’s birthday celebration among other things! Meanwhile, in our Tapestry of Grace time machine:

Continuing (after summer break) through our Humanities Journey we visit some other ancient cultures and learn about Ancient India (including the Hindu and Buddhist faiths), the Mayan, Inuit and Mound Builders, and Ancient China.

We have a variety of selections–with children at every stage of the trivium–Grammar Levels, Logic (Dialectic) Level, and Rhetoric Levels, the selections run from picture books to in-depth philosophy texts.  We’ll spend three weeks on these book before moving on to one of my favorite eras–the early Greeks!  Look out, Trojans, here we come!

Below is the array of books we are enjoying as we delve into more ancient cultures:

If you are reading through a feed-reader and can’t see the virtual book baskets, click through to the blog.


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