First Day of School

Although we maintained light schooling through most the summer, today marked our first day back to the full load. (Well, almost full–we’ll add back in our Tapestry of Grace humanities studies next week–just to stagger things a bit.)

Everything went well and the schedule flows smoothly–leisurely  even!   Changes are minor from previous years, but each year morphs a bit.  Once again, I don’t meet with every child every day–the oldest two girls meet with me once a week each.  At that meeting I assign for a full week, grade the previous week’s work, and we touch base about any assignments that need explanations or attention.   I like seeing them manage their own time.  The next two in birth order, Keegan and Keianna, meet with me twice per week.  Kieran and Kiffanie (who will both be six by the end of this week) meet with me daily and I oversee their work instead of just assigning and setting them loose.

Today’s lighting was was weird as a storm descended, but I took a group shot of my students squinting into the greyish glare:

Yes, Toffee (the dog) counts as a student.  She’s well mannered, but is still learning some commands.

This year I have a high-school student (9th grade), a junior higher (7th), a 5th grader, and the three youngest are straddling years.  I found that until about fifth grade, “year straddling” is pretty common in our homeschool.  We tend to “do the next thing” and work toward mastery, then move on, rather than being concerned syncing their grade levels, so sometimes they are in different grade designations for each subject.  Thus far, it’s evened out somewhere late in elementary school.

And below is our schedule this term; As always, it’s more of a rough routine than a strict schedule, but generally the day flows similarly to what’s depicted:


4 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. HI Dell
    Beautiful family. Question: how in the world do you do it? How do you prepare for 6 seperate
    lesson plans, instruct them, and do household chores? You must be absolutely exhausted
    by the end of the day! I commend you, you must have an abundance of energy and pateince!
    Blessings to you all

    • Hi, Melanie/Irene! I think it helped that we’ve homeschooled from the beginning so I’ve added students one-by-one and for each one added I already have experience teaching/prepping lessons for that level. I have to tweak a bit for each child’s unique learning style–but I’m blessed to actually enjoy the lesson planning aspect and it really has just grown gradually through the years so it’s not as overwhelming as if I were beginning from scratch with 6 students. I started with one, then a few years later added another… We outsource a few courses for the olders to Potter’s School. The whole family pitches in on chores–homeschooling allows us to all work together. I do end up exhausted at the end of the day, but more because I’m rather wimpy–not because I do that much. In all honesty, I fritter and indulge in leisure more than I should. Somehow, God brings beauty from my insufficiency. It’s all Him, really. I don’t have an abundance of energy or patience (I’m especially lacking in the energy department!), but God gave me determination and it seems that for every one of my shortcomings He provides a creative work-around! -Dell

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