Queen’s Tea with Grandma

Last weekend Ken and the boys joined some other fellows for a weekend of “wilderness survival.”  The boys learned to use knives and compasses, start a fire, filter water, and other rugged skills.  They also became astoundingly filthy.

While they were gone, the girls and I enjoyed the air-conditioned comfort of home, watched a chick-flick, slept on comfortable mattresses, and then were treated to a six course “Queen’s Tea”.

My dear mother-in-law reserved an elegant tea-room where we dined on cucumber sandwiches and scones with Devonshire cream–amid other delicacies.  The girls were graceful and proper young ladies!  Thanks, Grandma for a special treat!  (That’s my lovely mother-in-law in the lower right photo.)

Aren’t the girls lovely stair-steps at these ages?  Kendra may catch (or likely pass) Kaira in height at some point, but right now, their heights match their birth-order.  (That’s not true when the boys are pictured.  Keegan’s a year younger than Keianna, but presently a smidge taller.)

They boys relished fabulous adventures, but Queen’s Tea was delectable (and apparently less messy.)


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