Toffee: PrairieFrog Dog Mashup

We’ve named our sweet, corgi-mix Toffee!  She’s settling in fabulously and a pure delight.  Her indoor manners are amazing. Her only problematic bad bad habit is a penchant to run if she’s not confined in her dog-run.  Once she spies a rabbit or squirrel, she bolts out the gate and into the next county.  Retrieving her seems to be my new short-term workout plan.  Fortunately, she’s doesn’t appear able to escape her dog area.


Toffee Up Close

I’m amazed at how much she looks like our two previous dogs–who look nothing at all like each other!  We didn’t choose Toffee for this purpose, in fact, the corgi-rescue knew as soon as we described our family that this sweet girl would fit well–before we even knew what she looked like.  Still, it’s a fun coincidence!

What do you think?  Does she look a bit like a cross between previous PrairieFrog dogs, Bryn and Hollie?

Here’s Toffee:

Toffee again (For comparison purposes)

Toffee again (For comparison purposes)

Strolling down memory lane: Here’s Hollie (with Kieran)

Hollie (with Kieran)

Hollie (with Kieran)

And with Bryn, whom we enjoyed for 13 years:

Bryn, our Cardigan Corgi

Bryn, our Cardigan Corgi

That’s Kendra in the blue dress and Kaira in the pink.  When Bryn died several years ago, none of the children knew life without him, as he’d been here before they were.  That little guy in overalls?  That’s Kieran!

Although I think she resembles our other dogs physically, Toffee’s her own puppy with a personality all her own and we are having a grand time getting to know her!


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