Introducing the latest PrairieFrog Dog!  We’ve been dogless for two years, and were eager to welcome a four-pawed companion!  This sweet, Cardigan Corgi-mix won our hearts.  She’s about two years old, and adores the children.  (The corgi-rescue refused to give her to several interested family because they were convinced she needs a home with children–a condition we met easily!)  I thought she might be overwhelmed meeting all eight of us at once, but she drank it up!

Her haunches and tail had been shaved previous owners, but the rescue worker is guessing that it will fluff back out to the full, foxy, tail typical of Cardigan Welsh Corgies.  (What in the world inspired someone to shave a glorious tail?)

She’s well mannered, and settling in well!  We are still trying to determine her name.  It’s grand to hear the scamper of little paws yet again!


2 thoughts on “Introducing….

  1. Is that Kendra in the last (right) picture? I always thought that Kaira looked the most like you…but I actually thought that picture *was* you until I enlarged it! I hope you are all enjoying your newest family member!

    • Yes,Veronica, that’s Kendra! I’ve been hearing that from a few others lately–until recently everyone said it was Kaira that looks like me, but it’s fun now that it’s Kendra’s turn!

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