Out On The Town With Keegan

This summer has been a whirlwind!  I’ve recovered well from cancer surgery, and my energy finally returned to my usual standards.  (My tempo was always more andante than presto, and more “Little Engine that Could” than “Energizer Bunny.”)  Thus far this summer we’ve attended picnics, helped with vacation Bible School, hosted friends, enrolled in summer extracurriculars, celebrated Independence Day, and a bit of just about everything…except blogging, obviously.  Photos from our Independence celebration still languish on my camera, but I hope to upload them to share soon–perhaps I’ll even retro-blog a few of our other summer activities.

I’m remiss in chronicling my outing with Keegan.  The handsome young fellow pictured below finished a level of schoolwork in under six months, determinedly making up for lost time!  (He struggled the previous year and needed a slower pace to ensure depth and mastery, but then zipped ahead once over the hump!)  I predict another outing with him in record time as he’s attacking his new grade level like a famished Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Dino Buffet.   I took him out to lunch one month ago, and he’s already 1/4 of the way through the next grade!

Aside: I’ve found the pace of grade-level completion sporadic in the early to mid grade-school years, yet it settles out to a steady, traditional “one grade per year” pace by 5th or 6th grade.   In the early years though, a grade level might take 4 months, or 24 months–it all balances out, and we just keep doing the next thing.

I’m proud of my sweet boy’s diligence in working through a tough year, and in continuing to be just as driven when the path smoothed out again!  Here’s to my bright, hard-working Keegan-boy!  He chose a sandwich shop downtown for his celebratory lunch which he topped of with an enormous cinnamon roll.

Keegan Celebrates with Lunch Downtown!

Keegan Celebrates with Lunch Downtown!


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