Springtime Hatchlings

Newly Hatched, Still In Incubator

Newly Hatched, Still In Incubator

Last spring we purchased chicks, but this year we  tried the incubator method. Only two of the six eggs hatched, but they made a fascinating science experiment!

Photographing inside a scratched, “clear”, curved plastic incubator was a challenge–it reflects light at every crazy angle!  I despaired of my skill capturing the hatchlings until my eldest daughter asked, “How did you get such a clear picture?  When I tried they just looked like dark blobs!”  I appreciated affirmation that it was indeed challenging conditions instead of my incompetence.

Now, at two weeks old, they are beginning to look like gangly pullets, and graduated to their own private apartment within the hen coup.  The youngest PrairieFrog children especially enjoy holding the fuzzy chicks!  I enjoy watching them delight in creation and practice tenderness.  Life–simultaneously strong and determined, yet so delicate and fragile–is a wonder!


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