Junior and Senior High

As Kaira enters high school, Kendra graduates into junior high!    I’m excited to have both a junior and senior high student this next year!  They won’t notice a dramatic transition–just moving further along the continuum of self-sufficiency they began at birth–but it’s fun to note the milestones.   Traditionally, when PrairieFrogs complete a math level, I treat the graduate to a lunch outing.  Kendra finished sixth grade math with such ease that she’ll be diving directly into Algebra I this fall.

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with Kendra at a local pie-shop/cafe’ as we discussed her plans for the years ahead. When not studying, Kendra can be found at the piano, behind her hammered dulcimer, cooking and baking in the kitchen, reading a book, or helping her siblings.  Her unique perspective on life, gentle heart to serve others, and giftings in so many disciplines amaze me!  It’s a joy to be her mommy!

Congratulations, Kendra!  Welcome to junior high!

Celebrating graduation to Junior High! (Click for color image)


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