Happy Mother’s Day, Lazy Fish-Lips

The children crafted home-made cards for me, and I always treasure the sweet (um… yeah, “sweet”) sentiments.  The back of Kieran’s drawing listed a half dozen scriptures against slothfulness.  Keegan wrote a poem which rhapsodized about my, “lips like fish.”  To compound the randomness, Kieran and Kiffanie drew pictures depicting Christmas trees and angels next to a manger.

With My Six Sweet Sillies!

With My Six Sweet Sillies!

And… so that I could give my mom a recent photo of me (and because I realized that my blog avatar was five years old and likely counts as “false advertising” because I’ve aged a bit) I set up the tripod last week to attempt a self-portrait.  It’s always a challenge trying to be on both sides of the camera simultaneously, but I did get one shot where my face is fully in the frame and my eyes are open!  Triumph!

(Click for full color version--I kinda liked this softened and desaturated one though.)

(Click for full color version–I kinda liked this softer, desaturated one though.)

Finally, happy Mother’s Day to my own dear mother!  I’m sure parenting me was even more surreal than receiving Happy Mother’s Day-Christmas-Fish-Lips-Cards.


4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, Lazy Fish-Lips

  1. LOL! I received a darling poem from my beautiful girl for Mother’s Day, however she didn’t quite understand what “dodge a bullet” meant, so she put in the poem that she would dodge bullets, trains and missles for me. Cracks me up! I didn’t say anything, of course, but was curious what she meant, so I had her explain the whole thing. She meant she would, “like, throw myself in front of a train for you!” My darling, dramatic, estrogenic, 12 year old girl :o)
    Happy Mother’s Day, Dell! What a gorgeous family you have, and how wonderful to see you smiling!!

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