Created, Chosen, Celebrated, Cherished: One Year Home

Kiffanie has been home one full year today!   On May 11th, 2012, I posted this hasty entry.  Details followed the next day  in this post.  It’s been an amazing year!

Often, transitions are difficult for children from tough situations, but Kiffanie’s vivacious and adaptive spirit, the healing and nurturing time in the care of a small, family style orphanage, and God’s mercy and grace in ways we may never comprehend worked together to make everything far easier than we imagined possible!  God has given us a wondrous gift in this precious girlie!

The photos below highlight today’s low-key celebration.  She ate from the “celebration dishes” that are distinctive from our regular dinnerware, and reserved for special honorees.  At her place she also found a little package with a necklace. Each facet of the necklace is inscribed with a word reflecting an aspect of adoption:

Created: She was created by our loving God who knew her before the foundations of the world.  She was created within the womb of a special lady–her birth mother–who gave Kiffanie (and ultimately us) a beautiful gift of life.

Chosen: God chose her for us and us for her.  We believe He directed us in placing her on our hearts from nearly the first moment we knew of her, we chose her.

Celebrated: Kiffanie lives life as a party, and her role in our family is celebrated by all of us!

Cherished: She is cherished–by her Heavenly Father, and by us–her earthly family.

If you are reading through an external feed reader, click through to the blog to view the photo collage of Kiffanie’s Homecoming Anniversary Celebration.


6 thoughts on “Created, Chosen, Celebrated, Cherished: One Year Home

  1. What a wonderful celebration! We celebrate our daughter’s “Gotcha Day” every year. We keep it simple, but it is something she looks forward to. Happy “Gotcha Day” Kiffanie!

  2. I can’t believe it has been a year! What a blessing she looks to be in your family! 🙂 Did you purchase the necklace or create it? I have 11 adopted children and I know my girls would cherish a keepsake like this. Could you pass on info? Thank you so much! Happy One Year Kiffanie!!!!

  3. Dell, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. (I’m glad to find you again. another former homeschoolblogger now on wordpress.) Blessings, Annie

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