Springtime in Wyoming

Our area of Wyoming welcomed the month of May with a huge snowstorm!

Outside my back door: May 1, 2013

Outside my back door: May 1, 2013

It was the second enormous snowstorm in a few weeks time. (The first even delayed my surgery several hours because the anesthesiologist was stuck due to road closures!)

We have fickle weather here, and in between the two storms we had a taste of spring. We enjoyed a day in short-sleeves at the botanic gardens in the same week that the children went sledding.

The picture above was taken on May first–this past Wednesday. A few days prior, on Sunday, the children were riding bikes and welcoming spring. In fact, just last week Kieran and Kiffanie mastered bike riding! Last fall, they almost had it, but apparently needed the winter months to develop their motor skills just a little bit more, and now–they are unstoppable!

Kieran and Kiffanie, honing their new skills.

Kieran and Kiffanie, honing their new skills.

Well, not quite unstoppable, they still have occasional tumbles:

Kieran takes a spill.

Kieran takes a spill.

Kiffanie, riding with pride.

Kiffanie, riding with pride.

For those who posted their prayers and encouragement regarding my cancer diagnosis, surgery went great, and recovery has been easier than I imagined possible. Pain from the beginning was minimal. I had one dose of painkiller after surgery, and that’s it! They sent me home with a pain prescription, but we never bothered filling it. I’m amazed at God’s mercy on me through this.  (I hope to do a blog post about the surgery and weeks immediately afterward soon.)  I’m still taking it slow, and we’ve been enjoying the love and care of family, church family, and other dear friends who have provided meals and helped in a myriad of ways.  It’s humbling, but so amazing to experience times like these where life seems magnified and I’m aware of all the small joys so easily taken for granted in life’s onward rushing.

Due to the surgical success, the low return rate of this cancer, and my age (which is the young-side for breast cancer), we will not do chemo or irradiate—both seem superfluous in this situation. We are doing several naturopathic things to decrease likelihood of cancer returning, and focusing on getting me strong to serve in the positions God’s given to me of wife and mother for whatever time He has ordained. He alone numbers our days, but it’s looking likely that my family will likely be “stuck” with me here for a long, long time!  Thank you for praying for us on this journey.


3 thoughts on “Springtime in Wyoming

  1. So, so glad to hear from you! I have been checking here often…and praying for you, so I am happy to learn that you are doing well! Praise the Lord for His plan for you and your family!

  2. Praise God for such a great report!
    Why are we ever surprised?
    He loves you, and you are his daughter, and He’s given you quite a few kids to finish raising, and I’m sure dozens of grandchildren to “gramma”…. etc….
    SO glad for the good news!
    Blessings to you and yours~!

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