Hedgehogs, Pandas and Legos (Kieran’s 6th Birthday)

After a morning mocha with his older sister, Kieran chose Panda Express for his birthday meal.  For dessert, he’d been gazing over his big sister’s shoulder at her Pinterest pages, and set his heart on blueberry sorbet and cute little hedgehogs made from sugar donut holes.  We had to substitute glazed donut holes, but it still worked.  Hedgehogs are cute, but the healthful sorbet–sweetened with just a bit of agave, but mostly just juicy blueberries–was delicious!

Kieran had a fabulous time!  We gave him a nearly 1,000 piece Lego Education harbor themed set, and grandparents gave him Lego kits, mazes, and some modeling foam stuff.  He’s still bursting with excitement over it all and constantly changing his mind about which gifts he wants to play with next!  I think he thanked me for his hedgehog dessert several dozen times.  He’s that kind of boy, always ready with hugs and gratitude!  Happy birthday little buddy!  You are a delight!

(Scroll down to see some captures of his day:)


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