Star Wars Party

My nephew turned nine, and celebrated in inter-galactic style last week!  We had a blast!
(My sister throws the most amazing parties!)
(If you are reading via feed reader, click through to see the images with the captions, as most  the post is in caption format.)

First, the Cast:

Left: Princess Lea and Luke Skywalker (Kaira and my nephew, CJ, the birthday boy!)
Middle: Two versions of Padme Amidala (Kiffanie and my niece, KT)
Right: The Droids: R2 D2 and SHE-3PO (Kieran and Keianna)

Left: Han Solo and the Wookie Chewbacca (my brother-in-law, Jim, and Kendra)
Center: Darth Vader and Obi-Wan KENobi (Keegan and Ken)
Right: Princess Lea and her foster-sister, Winter (Kaira again and my sister, Lorelle)

Left: Grandma Jewel and Yoda (Ken’s parents, Grandma Kay and Grandpa Stu)
Middle: Aunt Beru and Dr. Chew. T. Bacca (My parents, Grandma Bev and Grandpa Dave)
Right: Lady Dellirium (Me)

A few of the characters may be new to you:  The character “Winter” doesn’t appear in any of the Star Wars films, but my niece and nephew, experts on all things Star Wars tell me that she, along with more detail about Lea’s childhood and foster-family, are in the books.  Grandma Jewel, Luke and Lea’s grandmother,  isn’t featured in the movies, or even in the books and was an original inspiration for this party.  The Lady Dellirium is an “extra” as well, and intended as one of the ladies-in-waiting to Lea and Amidala.  I just aimed for a vaguely starwarsy look and called it good.  She-3PO is, of course, the feminine counterpart for C-3PO.  Finally, there is the unique character of Dr. Chew T. Bacca, my dad’s character.  Here’s what my dad had to say about the physicist he portrayed:

“When documentaries are made portraying epic periods of history, not all persons or events important to that period can be included. I wish to tell you of one of these persons, a great physicist who contributed much to the scope and magnitude of this STAR WARS documentary.

He developed and set into action a chain-reaction that would forever change some of the fundamental physical properties of a vacuum. This chain reaction spread thru-out the entire universe, allowing the vacuum of space to transmit sound. That is how, in the great battles taking place in this documentary of the great STAR WARS, the producers were able to capture the roar of spaceship engines, and the blast, rumble and reverberation of explosions. The inclusion of these dramatic auditory recordings gives those watching the documentary a greatly enhanced feeling of “being there”. He was the much revered half-human Great Grand Uncle of the Wookiee who was first mate and companion of Captain Han Solo.

Let us forever remember with gratitude for his legacy, the great physicist, Dr. Chew T. Bacca.”

That’s my dad!

Now, the fun:

Games abounded, from light saber duels, to pin the starship on the 3D Starwars poster, the children moved from one level to the next in their Jedi training, receiving a certificate of knighthood when they completed all their tasks.

Craft time! Star Wars theme snowflakes!

The children made up some of their own games: Here they are playing “Death Star”. The only injuries were minor.

Han burgers, and a variety of creatively labeled Star Wars snacks (and lots of healthful veggies and nuts!) were served at the cafe. The Wookie Cookies were delicious!

CJ was fabulous about opening his presents, thoughtfully admiring each hand-made card that my littles presented! Here, he’s wearing the Yoda hat Kaira knit for him. She made up her own pattern!

Happy birthday to my fabulous nephew, CJ!


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