Return to Ancient Egypt

It’s a snowy day, and we are cozy inside.  After watching a family movie and playing Carcassonne, everyone is ready to choose a favorite book from the fresh assortment of treasures in our book basket.

There’s always a thrill to revisiting old friends.  Some of these books  are new to us, but others are are old favorites from our last journey through time.

Among old favorites, we’ll look at Unwrapping the Pharohs; a fabulous resource complete with an information rich DVD.    I’m also eager to introduce The Golden Goblet to the younger children who aren’t old enough to remember–our last cycle through history.   Well deserving of it’s Newbery award, it has excellent historical detail in an engaging, well crafted story.

Continuing to reacquaint ourselves with “old friend” books: G.A. Henty’s Cat of Bubastes is one of my favorite of Henty’s classics.  (A caution about Henty, and the reason we utilize only a few titles of the many books he authored: Although rich in historic detail, Henty wrote formulaic literature, recycling the same character devices and plots in every book so that a steady diet quickly becomes twaddle.)  The good news: most Henty titles, including Cat of Bubastes are in the public domain and free for Kindle, or on Project Gutenberg.  Free is wonderful!  If you love physical books, our favorite  Henty’s are the heirloom editions published by Preston Speed.  They are beautiful books.

To offset Henty’s strong history and weaker literature value, we have some fun reads that are creative, unique literature, but take liberties with historic detail.  The two books by James Rollins: Jake Ransom and The Skull King’s Shadow, and Jake Ransom and the Howling Spinx— fall into this category, as does The Spinx’s Princess by Esther Freisner.  These books are new to us this rotation through history. (I discovered them late last year, but tucked them away for our Egyptian book basket.)

Below is the full array of books we are enjoying as we study the Ancient Egyptian culture:


One thought on “Return to Ancient Egypt

  1. Is it just me, or has it been a long time since you blogged about books? You know I love it. And Kiffanie is pretty darn cute too 😉

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