Apologies: Blog Cleaning Cyber Dust

If you subscribe to this blog, you may have just gotten notices of 75-100 “new” posts here–Oops!  they aren’t new posts, but actually, very old.    I’m done with the blog tweaks that caused this issue, and it should be safe to resubscribe if you unsubscribed in overwhelmed horror!

See, I should have been cleaning my physical house this week. My office area is starting to accumulate stacks and clutter, and my windows haven’t been cleaned in…way too long.  So, rather than doing something practical and tangible, I did a virtual cleaning and redecorating on the blogs. I switched up the themes, tidied up the sidebar, and even updated the static “about us” pages a bit.

This led to RSS feeds on several posts getting updated, and thus those who subscribe to my blog via email or through a feed reader have been inundated by “new” posts… most of which are really very old posts, in which my teen daughter was 5 years old!

What happened is that after changing up the themes, I became motivated to neaten and organize. In my organizing, I discovered that some of my earliest blog posts were never assigned “categories” and were dumped into a category called, “uncategorized”.  I proceeded to put those poor, homeless posts in categories. I also fixed some internal link problems on a few of them.  Once upon a time, this blog wasn’t hosted on WordPress, so when I moved the blog here, those posts in which I refer to one of my other posts, now have the wrong address. So, being me, I had to fix them as I came upon them. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but if I found them while recategorizing, I had to cinch up the link.

What I didn’t think about was that all the recategorized or re-linked posts will be picked up in the RSS feed as being updated, and subscribers will think I’ve posted something new and riveting, when instead, it was just an old, forgotten post about some meal we had in 2005–which apparently seemed riveting to me at the time.

Many of my early posts seem closer to “status updates” on Facebook than blog posts–even more random and trite slices of life from my posts in recent years.  I’m still fairly random and trite, so it was interesting to see that I could be more so!

Today, even after realizing I was flooding the RSS feed, I still felt compelled to categorize the last 20-30 of the uncategorized posts.  It had become a neurosis, and I couldn’t leave the few stragglers alone in a bloggy “junk drawer”.  The good news is, I’m now done.  I’m sorry for the deluge of updates in your feed readers or email boxes!


2 thoughts on “Apologies: Blog Cleaning Cyber Dust

  1. All these posts were a gift. I always enjoy seeing a new post so imagine my excitement yesterday to see about 65! I eventually realized they were older posts, but I still enjoyed scanning them since I didn’t find your blog till Feb. 2010. It was fun seeing the children when they were younger.

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