Valentine’s Giggles: A Breakfast Snapshot

Conversation as my coffee brewed this morning:

Kiffanie: “When are you going to the store today, Mommy?”

Me: “I’m not, we’ll be home all day.”

Kiffanie: “Mommmeeee! You just said you were going to the store!”

Without coffee yet (it’s still brewing, remember) I was thoroughly confused by this.  Fortunately Kendra filled in the gaps for me between laughter, “You told her you had ‘surprises in store’ for Valentine’s day! It makes sense that if they are ‘in store’ you have to go there to get them.”

Ah, yes, gotta love those English idioms!

Happy Valentines day!  May your day bring smiles from those you love!  My day has–even before my coffee finished brewing.

Snapshot at Breakfast: Surprises "in store"

Snapshot at Breakfast: Surprises “in store”


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