All Dressed Up; Nowhere To Go

Kiffanie dressed up like a valentine for church this morning only to discover that her night-shift-daddy (who worked this weekend) came home exhausted.  A couple other family members were feeling mildly sub-par, so combined with the snow falling outside, we decided to stay in for a cozy Sunday at home.

A little Valentine


9 thoughts on “All Dressed Up; Nowhere To Go

    • I’m so sorry it wasn’t letting your comments through, Nicole! Was it the “capcha code” where you type in those impossibly blurry letters the computer generates? I’ve thought of getting rid of that step, because it’s very frustrating—but it does cut down on the spam comments from those robot “web crawlers.” If I can do something to fix the problem, let me know! And thank you for the kind words–she is such a beautiful girl–inside and out! Her middle name is “Joy” (joie) and it suits her so well!

      • there was no caption…
        ( you know, I have no protection on my blog and I got one spam in 5 years !) it just would not take it… perhapas a momentous bug ? 😉
        This little girl is getting to look just like you ! Srange !

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