Wordless Wednesday ~ Beginning Cellist

An unseasonably warm, winter afternoon provides opportunity for a mini-photo shoot:
Keianna with her new cello.

Keianna's New Cello

Keianna's New Cello

Keianna's New Cello

Keianna's New Cello

Keianna's New Cello


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ Beginning Cellist

  1. Beautiful! A question about all your instruments and lessons. Do your girls take lessons weekly out of the home, instructor comes to your home, or video lessons? I have 7 children playing various instruments and I’ve been looking into doing lessons either with an instructor at our house, or video lessons. I have been asking around getting input from other moms who have children with various instruments. Blessings ~ Becca

  2. Hi, Rebecca! For us, it depends on each instructor. We are blessed with fabulous music teachers, but they are rare enough out here in our low-population state of Wyoming that we sometimes have to go with a less ideal logistics, but somehow it’s managed to all work out, and I believe some of that is direct answers to prayers!

    Piano teacher=our house: Present teacher comes once a week to our house! Yay! She’s here for 2.5 hours every Monday because all 6 children take piano. Her coming here has been fabulous! It allows the others to continue their other coursework while awaiting their turn with the teacher. My littlest ones focus better here as well–they tend to get distracted with the novelty of being elsewhere. (I’ve heard the opposite is the case for many children though–I think perhaps the difference is that due to our family culture and homeschooling my children are used to home being a place to focus and learn, and the little ones see outings as play-time? Whatever the reason, home works best for us for littles. The older ones focus at either location, but they love not having pack up their schoolwork to “camp” at the piano teacher’s house for several hours!) (For ten years we went to a piano teacher’s house every week. She was a very good teacher, and laid a great musical foundation for them, so it was worth it, but it’s been beautiful to have a teacher come to our home this year!)

    Cello teacher=local studio: Cello is also once a week, but I take Keianna to the teacher’s studio. I’m able to just take Keianna most days though, and it’s local in town, so the other children can continue their routine at home fairly normally around it, and I just slip out with Keianna for a wee bit one afternoon a week.

    Hammer Dulcimer teacher=teacher’s home/out of town: Every 2 or 3 weeks, over a mountain pass. Ken (my husband) takes dulcimer lessons as well, so he takes Kendra to these. It’s a bit of a drive and I know they’ve talked about Skyping these, but somehow that’s never materialized and they continue to drive. The teacher is worth the drive, and because Ken takes Kendra alone, the rest of us continue our usually routine and it works nicely.

    Harp teacher=our house: Kaira’s harp teacher comes to our home from out of town every 2 weeks or so. I’m thrilled she comes here, because I every time I’ve tried to go to the town where she lives, I’ve gotten hopeless lost! It’s also nice not to have to transport the harp.

    Sorry that was long! As I know you understand, with several instruments and children, it gets a bit complex!

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