Kendra Celebrates Eleven

Continuing our Birthday theme, just 4 days after Keegan’s birthday, Kendra had her turn!   She chose a menu of grilled marinated salmon, pasta alfredo, peas, corn, and my ultra-rich triple chocolate brownies for dessert.  Everything was delicious.  God even frosted the whole town in 4-5 inches of snow so it could be a giant birthday cake for her delight.

My little Kendra is growing up–I’m still a head taller than she is, but I’m not longer “head and shoulders” above her, and her inward growth and maturity are even more impressive.

Among other books, Grandma gave Kendra Louisa May Alcott’s “An Old Fashioned Girl” this past Christmas.  After she read it, she loaned it to me.  Although I’ve read many Alcott’s works, I didn’t remember this one.  It’s a delightful book, and the main character, Polly reminds me of our Kendra.  Like Polly, Kendra can be seen helping elderly friends across the parking lot, or doing any number of quiet little things to assist in the background when guest visit.  If you come visit, and find your water-glass seems to fill itself, or that things seem to materialize before you before you even realized the need, it’s probably Kendra.  She’s not into frills and sparkles, but prefers sensible and no-fuss attire.  (This is very much in contrast to her two younger sisters, who love glitz and glitter!)  Her quirky humor keeps us giggling, and she’s a joy to all.

Happy 11th Birthday, sweet, sunshiny Kendra!  We love you!


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