Legos and Lobsters: Keegan’s 8th Birthday

Yesterday was actually Kendra’s birthday (we’ll be celebrating tonight), but I’m a week behind in birthday blogging.  On January 6th, Keegan turned 8!

He had a fabulous cozy birthday at home, with his choice of meal and lots of Legos®.

Steak, lobster, baked potato with cheese sauce and peach pie were his menu choices.  He placed his request for peach pie months in advance when peaches were in season–he’s the sort of fellow to think ahead and knew the stores might not have fresh peaches come January. Due to his advanced planning, I made his pie back in August, and it was waiting in the freezer with his name on the foil outer-wrapping.

As always, the children enjoy presenting hand-made cards. Keegan took time to look carefully at each drawing and note, and exclaimed his amazement at Kieran’s careful handwriting and decodable spelling. It’s such a blessing to see the children investing in each other and appreciating sibling cards and gifts!

Since his birthday, Keegan’s been engrossed in his new Lego kits–more than 1,000 Legos® in Hobbit theme and Emergency Workers motif. He constructed an entire metropolitan city with sky scrapers, fire trucks, and atop an ambulance rides Gandalf the Grey–staff in hand.  Incongruous much?

He thanked his daddy and me countless times throughout his birthday evening and the days following–both for his meal, and for his gifts!  That’s my Keegan–appreciative!    His grateful heart makes blessing him a joy!

Happy birthday to my 8 year old Keegan–he’s a young gentleman, and a delight!


2 thoughts on “Legos and Lobsters: Keegan’s 8th Birthday

    • Yes, please do come, Pastor Wheatley! Let us know what your favorite meal is! I’m not a gourmet, but I’ll give it my best, and the children will be excited for days prior to your arrival and deluge you in hand-made cards! It’d be fun to have you visit!

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