Baking, cooking, wrapping, advent readings, Christmas songs of wonder and joy, and anticipations of family gatherings–Christmas is coming!    I place presents under the tree, shiny and taunting for weeks before Christmas.    Christmas is about anticipation; anticipation of the Savior’s coming, realized in the birth of a wee babe in a humble stable.   The much awaited Messiah is born, but it isn’t finished–Christmas looks forward–forward to the cross, forward to the ascension, and forward to His second coming; Fullness of Time in a continuum of fulfillment.

Kiffanie spent quiet play on a rug in front of the Christmas tree yesterday, contentedly playing with a nativity.  She enjoys acting out the Christmas story, and gets into heated debates with Kieran as to whether the scene should include a cow.  They each have very determined, but contradictory, stances on bovine inclusion.


2 thoughts on “Anticipations

  1. Is the bovine inclusion debate a theological one? I could understand if the disagreement were about including or excluding a unicorn. I must admit I am intrigued.

  2. I can just imagine the interaction between your youngest 2. What fun! And I agree about the anticipation, but even more, the looking forward to fulfillment 😀

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