Milestone November

We concluded October celebrating Ken’s birthday, and started off November with Kaira!   Kaira turned 13, making me the proud mommy of a teenager!   Though much maligned (unfairly so, in my opinion), teens have always been my favorite age of youth.  Babies are precious, toddlers adorable, grade-schoolers interesting, but teens amaze me, and I know Kaira will absolutely shine as a teen!

My Kaira-girl choose a delicious meal of lobster tail, steak, a garden salad with a wide variety of delicious veggies, and brownies with coffee-almond ice cream for dessert.  Did I mention she has excellent taste?  It was delicious.  Well chosen, Kaira!

I didn’t take as many pictures as usual.  My favorite camera lens had a motor malfunction and is away for repair, so I’ve been pouting and ignoring my camera to punish it for letting me down.  I know, it doesn’t make sense.  I try to be rational in my dealings with humans, but inanimate objects suffer my capricious, pouty, silent treatments.  Here’s a token photo of Kaira, opening cards from her siblings:

Other milestones last month: braces for Keianna, a decade birthday for me, new flooring throughout the main rooms of the house (I’m loving my new floors!), and completion of a grade-level for Keegan!

Now, “Milestone November” is weeks in the past and Christmas carols ring out from harp, piano, and hammer dulcimer.  I love this sparkling, cozy time of year–gathering around the advent candles for devotions, presents under the tree, and other celebrations as we rejoice in God, coming to earth as Man.  The wonder of it all never ceases to amaze me!   I’ve been rather a slug about blogging lately, but I hope to give a few glimpses of our Christmas joys through the coming weeks.   (We’ll see if I actually make good on that, or whether I get too engrossed in the moment to document it.)


2 thoughts on “Milestone November

  1. I should tell you that I love seeing pictures of Kiffanie. She will always be very special to me. Thank you for the posting; you do a great job.


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