Six Months Ago, She Spoke No English

When Kiffanie came home in May, she didn’t know a word of English.  She’d had no schooling, because even had she been older, education is a luxury in the Congo. This little girl is a linguistic wonder! (Actually, she’s just a wonder period!)  

I’m way behind on blogging, and want to post updates on the rest of our doings (including the exciting fact that I’m now the proud mommy to a teen-ager),  but I’ve just got to share this little video of Kiffanie reading.   Please excuse the thumping sounds in the background–Ken’s installing our new flooring!  (Yet another cause for excitement here, as my relationship with our old carpeting was less than affectionate.)  The lighting isn’t conducive to videography, but I wanted to record Kiffanie in her usual “school” spot on my office futon in hopes that she’d focus on reading and not on the camera.  

This is her first read-through of today’s little story.  Each day’s story is different to ensure that she’s not memorizing, but really sounding out the words.



7 thoughts on “Six Months Ago, She Spoke No English

  1. Hello, Dell, I used to read your blog when you were at homeschoolblogger. Their front page republished one of your articles recently, and I thought I’d see if you were still blogging. Glad to find your new (to me) site and enjoying reading here. Your daughter is adorable! Blessings, Gin at

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