Wordless Wednesday ~ 2 Five-Year-Olds, 1 Puddle


6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ 2 Five-Year-Olds, 1 Puddle

    • Jennifer, We had some friends over who had “puddle sitters”, so I think it’s pretty normal. Kieran and Kiffanie just aren’t the type to sit much–in puddles or elsewhere. 😉

  1. So Fun!! We usually only see puddles like that in parking lots or streets where it’s not exactly a good idea to play. These pics make *me* want to find a puddle and I’m a wee bit older than 5. 🙂

    • Kelly, I so appreciate that post–see I often bemoan the fact that our drive (which is a big chunk of our yard/lot) turns into a huge puddle when it rains. The puddle you see in this picture is only 1/3 the size of the puddle that often takes over our gravel front drive! I hadn’t thought about the fact that in some neighborhoods, a puddle like that would be a rare and beautiful thing! I wish you lived closer–we’d share our puddle, gladly! It’d make for great sensory play for all!

  2. Living in Arizona, we hardly ever see puddles, but when we get one of our terrific monsoon storms, out we go to play! Awesome puddle fun! I love your pictures, Dell. Just beautiful! 🙂

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