Mountain Weekend

Last weekend we enjoyed a PrairieFrog getaway to a family cabin in the mountains!  I grew up in the Colorado foothills, and while I love our prairie home, I do miss the smell of pine trees, and the golden glow of aspens in the fall.

We spent a day browsing through the mountain town shops, one day hiking, and one day exploring around the cabin.   S’mores, shops, streams …  it’s the good life for sure!

Here’s my crew as we set out on a hike:

Autumn mountain paths
Aspen leaf strewn–rustling soft;
Heaven’s streets of gold.

Some (Ken, Kendra and Keegan and Keianna) hiked about 8.5 miles, some of us only about 4.5.  Kaira’s leg was bothering her, so Kaira, Kieran and I waited while Ken went “further up and farther in” with the more ambitious hikers.  Kiffanie went ahead with Ken, but tired and rode piggy-back part-way.

I handed my camera to Ken as he went on ahead.  Being less familiar with our DSLR, Ken often just shoots on whatever setting I’ve used last.  Right before handing him the camera, I’d taken a close-up of some foliage with a blurred bokah background, using a wide open aperture of f1.4.    The following two captures were his, with the camera the setting I’d last used.  Shallow depth of field  is a different choice for landscape shots, but I kinda like the unique perspective.  (These are the 4 troopers who went on up ahead):

Milkshakes, they earned them with all that hiking:

And, back at the cabin, we reacquainted with a local fox.  He wanted to come in for breakfast, and was rather disappointed in our lack of hospitality–still, he was an excellent sport about it and posed for portraits.  At one point, he came so close that my hand brushed his tail!

We saw elk and deer as well, but not quite as “up close and personal”…  Stay tuned–this little guy will star in a blog post of his own after I weed through the rest of the pictures!


2 thoughts on “Mountain Weekend

  1. Hi Dell
    Beautiful scenery, beautiful family!
    How about including you in the photos next time too?
    It would be nice to see one with you and the children!

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