Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today is officially Kiffanie’s 5th birthday!  We tend to time-shift birthdays and celebrate whenever we can relish the moment, so we celebrated last weekend.

Although birthdays were foreign to her prior life-experience, she’d quizzed her siblings about this magical tradition and was more than prepared. By the time the celebration approached she sounded like any eager 5 year old plotting her birthday menu, requesting a favorite desert, and bursting with anticipation over presents!   She even made Lego® dessert models to practice just how she’d blow out the candles.

Packages arrived from my parents. (They made it in time, mom!  They were even a few days early, which was all the better to build momentum!)  Her brothers and sisters made cards.  (Kiffanie made a few birthday cards for herself too.)  Wrapped presents began to appear high atop the secretary.

The birthday person requests their dinner menu.  Kiffanie chose pizza, and deliberated over homemade, or restaurant.  Homemade won out and she helped with the baking.

Cake isn’t an automatic assumption for birthdays here.  The birthday honoree chooses any dessert they desire.   She flipped through cook books, and her sisters and brothers listed every desert they could think of for her consideration.   Several weeks ago she decided–peach pie.

She delighted in every present.  Stickers, a stamp kit, dolls, and a lovely doll quilt.  (Grandma helped Kendra quilt a lovely doll blanket to coordinate with the special quilt on Kiffanie’s own bed. My ten year-old quilts, my 12 and 8 year-olds knit–I don’t do either, and it’s totally cool to see my girls growing into such accomplished individuals.)

^ Look at that toothless, big girl grin! ^

^Kendra (10) made this quilt! (with Grandma help)^6K

She’s still savoring her birthday–there’s one present left–something very special (although she doesn’t know what) from Grandma Kay.

Happy birthday, my sweet Kiffanie-Girl!   Your sparkling giggle, your belly laughs, your hugs, kisses, and exuberant, can-do attitude bring a smile to my face every day.  You truly epitomize your middle name, Kiffanie Joy.  We love you bunches!  (And it’s ok to wait a few weeks–or even months–before telling me what you want for your dinner *next* birthday.  Really. )


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

  1. Happy belated birthday, Kiffanie! She’s so precious. Jamie and Jordan love birthdays and they’re always planning what they’re going to wear and who they’ll invite to their parties.
    -Jessie, for all the Louckses (:

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