Rambles of A Zombie-Mom

We’ve been doing “light school” through the summer, but it’s time to ease (or haltingly stagger?) back into the full routine.  I’d planned to start back this week, but two weeks of migraines delayed things as I muddled around as zombie-mom.  Zombies are very en vogue in contemporary youth lit, so I decided my zombie-mom days are really a type of literature-enrichment for the whole family.   I even pulled Kaira away from reading Jane Austen and Shakespeare to suggest she keep a pulse on youth trends and read a zombie book.  I like to stretch her comfort zone.  (Per my suggestion, she read The Witch Watch, a first novel by Shamus Young.  The zombie’s a friendly sort, and it’s a refreshing sample of the genre, complete with a bit of retro steampunkishness to appeal to my Edwardian-Era Kaira-girl, whom I’d reluctantly pried away from Eyre, Austen, Gaskell and the like.  (Oh, and the illustrations in The Witch Watch are by Heather Young–the artist who painted adoption portraits to represent Kiffanie and Kivern!  You can see the adoption portraits Heather painted in my sidebar.)

The way I choose to see it, the children’s contemporary-culture experience is enriched  by my migraine-zombieism.  They can survive a momzbie (That’s mom/zombie) apocalypse quite well.  Still, despite all the benefits, there’s a season to everything, and I’m ready to be done with zombie impressions and reign as “Mommy-Dear-Mommy-Queen-of-the-PrairieFrogs” once again.   I’ve fluffed the cushions on my throne (er… desk chair), and have my scepter (er.. chalboard pointer) ready to reign over our academia.

It’s forward and onward for PraireFrogs Academy!  This school year promises several fun new stages!  As Kieran progresses into easy readers, Kiffanie is embarking on phonics play and practice.  Right now, we are working on phoneme combinations, with plans to start her on 100 100 Easy Lessons in January.  I keep meaning to post about her language progress… not this post, but stay tuned.  She’s doing great!   Keegan, Keianna and Kendra are at various points in elementary school–roughly correlating to 2nd, 4th and 6th grades respectively, and Kaira’s doing mostly 8th grade work with a few Highschool courses mixed in.   (Our grade-levels are more fluid than the public schools.)

Most of our routine is similar to previous years, but we’ve branched out a bit in electives and enrichments.  We have an art teacher who’s been coming in once a week through the summer for our very own PrairieFrog art class, and the children are loving it!  Art classes will continue through this coming semester.  (I’d always had good intentions about teaching art, but it kept falling through the cracks.  Finally, I decided that for a season, we’ll treat it as we do music lessons and outsource!  It’s been a blessing!)  Kaira’s charting new terrain, and is enrolled in High School French I through The Potter’s School.  Today she had a chance to get acquainted with her teacher and online classmates and she’s bursting with excitement to dive into this new learning experience.  In music news, we have a new piano teacher!   After 10 years at the same piano studio (Kaira began piano at age 3), our beloved teacher took a position in Bahrain.  We’ll miss her greatly, but everyone is excited about our new piano teacher—a lovely, talented young lady whom the children admire and enjoy!

Our other subjects will continue in our comfortable routines.  I’ve updated our “year-by-year” curriculum page, to tweak things to match our every fluctuating itinerary.  I’m staggering our school start and not resuming our Tapestry of Grace studies (our humanities curriculum) until the end of this month after we’ve gotten our schedule in swing, but it’ll be nice to get back to it after such a long break through the adoption process.

Momzbie Dell, signing off until next post.  (But I’ll leave you with a photo of 4 of the 6 young PrairieFrogs)

My Four Girls

My Four Girls


2 thoughts on “Rambles of A Zombie-Mom

  1. They ought to read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It’s waaaaayyyy more interesting than the original. It has a plot and interesting characters and dialog!

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