Summer Blur and Phone Photos

It’s been another month in which blog posts composed in  my brain never reach my fingers, the keyboard, or cyberspace.  Here’s a choppy, scrambled, collection of snippets from our life.

  • I’ve forgotten how to use (or even that I have) a camera.  In a desire to “travel light” on family outings and have enough hands to help the children, I’ve left my camera home on too many memory-making jaunts.  If Ken’s along, I rarely even have my phone to snap a quick shot.  (For some reason my brain considers the phone as a dedicated “phone home” device.)  This has got to change.
  • Kiffanie is doing absolutely, amazingly, great!  It’s hard to believe she’s only been here 3 months.  I have a post in my head about her delightful progress integrating into our home–we’ll see if I actually get it posted.
  • Our little flock of chickens has increased from 8 to 30.  We’ve been amazed at how fascinating these rather stupid animals are, and are enjoying the fresh eggs.  (More on them, and maybe even photos in some future post–if I remember I have a camera and a blog, that is.
  • We’ve gone to picnics, festivals, the fair, a swimming party, parades and a number of other summer delights.  I don’t have much photo evidence, but we’ve been enjoying the summer.
  • Light-summer schooling has been going well.  We’ve used the summer months to review and catch up in areas that were lagging behind PrairieFrog goals.   Again, it’s a whole post that may or may not get typed.
  • Summer’s bounty has been rich; I’ve been baking pies and making jam as we enjoy the fruit of the season.
  • While mentally composing this post in the shower, I had ten bullet points.  This says something about my retention ability but I’m not…  er…  Where was I?

Here are a few, rare, photos (mostly with my phone on the rare occasions I had it) from this summer.

The dentist:  For some reason all my children love going to the dentist.  This was Kiffanie’s first visit so she watched the hygienist clean her siblings teeth first.  She was fascinated with every detail and eager for her turn.  Speaking of summer blur; I need to learn to change the settings for faster shutter speed on my phone’s camera.

The Dentist

The Dentist (Click to enlarge if you really like seeing children in dentist chairs)

Face painting.  I don’t know why Kieran looks grouchy, he loved his dolphin, and wasn’t actually grumpy at all. Freeze-frames can be odd.

Face Painting at the Carnival

Face Painting at the Carnival

Finally, a snap as I lagged behind the family a few paces walking back from a parade.  I always enjoy seeing Ken walking with the littles.

After the Parade

After the Parade

One thought on “Summer Blur and Phone Photos

  1. Dell, Sorry i have not left a comment lately…I have been reading all about your fam. Congrats with your sweet new daughter, she is beautiful. Your family looks so happy, what a blessing and sweet addition to a wonderful faithful family. may the Lord bless your life to the fullest as you glorify in Him and His gifts which he has blessed you with. Hope you had a wonderful Summer…Fall is in the air, school is about to begin full throttle. I will keep up with you. Blessings, Mica @ the Child’s Paper

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