Celtic Music Festival

Last week (yeah, I’m a week behind…) we enjoyed an hour at the Celtic Arts festival.  It was much smaller than we expected but all the children enjoyed it (except for Kiffanie who just found it odd.)

They met a leprechaun (He reminds me of a family-friend I knew growing up!)  You can tell from Kiffanie’s expression she’s not sure what to make of little men who do jigs and wear funny green hats.

Anywhere we go, Kieran will make immediate friends with the largest dog he can find.  To my great relief, he’s learned to stand back and ask the owners before immediately hugging every large dog he sees, but it never fails, he’ll spot a large dog, get a huge grin on his face, look at me, and as soon as I nod, he’ll go up to the person at the other end of his new-best-friend’s leash and say, “May I please pet your doggie?”  We are currently “dogless” and he’s suffering canine withdrawl.

We enjoyed some music:

And, we watched some Celtic dance.  The children were impressed enough that I’m contemplating signing the whole crew up for a class in this studio come fall.  Kieran said, “I want to go to dance school to get better and turn into a dancing person.”  We’d contemplated a worship dance class this summer, but just couldn’t manage it, and so maybe Celtic dance will work out.


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