A Morning with Kaira

A few weeks ago Kaira finished up her core subjects and graduated into our 8th grade–or maybe I’ll keep her “grade level” closer to her age and call it, “honors 7th, working at 8th grade level.”  I haven’t decided, and probably won’t decide until after the fact.  Either way, she’s graduated into curriculum slotted under “Age 12, 8th grade” from my outline here.   She’s a good student, and more importantly a  young lady with admirable character, and (usually) a joy to teach.  (Naturally, she has her moments–generally algebra-induced–but she’s quick to recognize them, and snap back into her characteristic pleasant spirits.)

I kidnapped her for a coffee shop run, and then a trek to the local yarn store.   Having recently discovered knitting, she spent a considerable amount of time gazing at the many fibers, some I never knew existed–like yarn made from crab and lobsters shells, which was surprising soft and glossy. Ultimately she chose a sumptuous cotton/cashmere blend.  I’m eager to watch it morph into a hat and mittens!  Because I don’t knit, it’s especially fun to see Kaira (and now she’s taught Keianna and Keegan) mastering this new skill!

It was a lovely outing, just the two of us.  We stayed away the entire morning, then stopped at the smoothie shop for a pseudo-lunch (because we knew an early dinner was in the works too.)  My little girl is turning into a young lady, on the brink of entering the wondrous teen years–an absolutely amazing time for an amazing girl!

Outside the Yarn Shop

Outside the Yarn Shop


7 thoughts on “A Morning with Kaira

  1. Congratulations, Kaira! I am looking forward to seeing your knitting progress, Is that a Louisa Harding label I see?

    • Hi, Kiersten! Kaira just ran to check the label, and sure enough, it’s Louisa Harding. You sure can spot yarn! Is that a good brand?

      • It is a fine brand! Some of them are a little particular with care instructions, so she’ll want to read the label carefully. If she’s not keeping track of projects on Ravelry, she may want to keep a notebook with yarn ball labels so she has care instructions to hand.

  2. Congrats! I think I need to start taking myself out for coffee whenever I finish a school year. 😛 But taking the student is also a great idea! That’s a lovely photo too.

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