A Sweet Father’s Day

Father’s day was a quiet day at home here, and a great time to try to express to Ken what a great daddy he is.   He truly is an amazing husband and father.

The children colored pictures and made cards, and then Kieran and Kiffanie helped me “wrap” the present.   Our wrapping job consisted of the preschoolers sticking frog cut-outs on the Amazon boxes.   It probably isn’t an idea likely to be featured in glossy magazines, but it was fun and easy.  The frogs served double-duty because the children were able to stick them to Daddy after he’d opened the present.  Every man wants to be decorated in frog-cut-outs for Father’s Day.

Ken had hinted that he’d like a new ice cream maker-with a slightly smaller capacity so we can experiment with flavors, and that doesn’t require salt–because we always seem to be out of rock-salt when we want to whip up a creamy treat.  He’d mentioned it in passing, and didn’t really think of it as a hint, so we were able to surprise him entirely with a 2 quart Cuisinart.  The best part is, I also bought an extra freezer bowl, so we can make two, 2 quart batches back to back–either both the same flavor or we can live on the wild side and make two different kinds.

He’s had his new toy just over a week and we’ve made several batches of double chocolate, two batches of strawberry, and a scrumptious blueberry cheesecake   ice cream based on this recipe by my friend Jennifer of LifeOak Home.  (We used frozen blueberries instead of jam, and will be making some variation of the recipe again soon!)  The gift is thus far a raging success!

I’d seen my own Daddy a few weeks prior, and am so blessed by the men in my life.  (Dad, we owe you a bowl of  ice cream too!)

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!


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