Making Foo-Foo

Kiffanie made pretend foo-foo (a favorite African dish) outside today.

Just as with real foo-foo, it’s a time consuming process, and she enlists siblings to help pound various ingredients which vary depending on the day.  Today’s batch is primarily dandelion blossoms and leaves with a bit of gravel–yummy.

Making foo-foo

Making foo-foo


10 thoughts on “Making Foo-Foo

  1. She makes me smile. She’s such a pretty little girl and seems to be adjusting nicely to her new forever home. 🙂

  2. She is SO cute! I think it is hysterical that she seems to think she has a house full of people whose sole purpose is to make her happy 🙂 Judging by the smiles in so many of the pictures, you are all doing a great job at it, too 😀

    • You’ve nailed her perspective! It is funny, and over time, I’m sure she’ll ease into just being one OF the family instead of thinking she’s the axis, but, at the moment, yes, you nailed it!

  3. this post warmed my heart. delightful to hear more about the lovely family that is represented in the nest i made for you! best wishes from Jen, the Mama in Mama’s Magic Studio

  4. I have this as well as many others of Kiffanie saved in my computer. This picture so warms my heart.

    • Hi, Pastor Wheatley. It could get monotonous to spell it the same every time. I showed Kiffanie your picture and she remembers you. (And she doesn’t care how you spell your name!)

  5. What a cute pic. Have you ever eaten fufu? I found some in a powdered form but it is still hard to make… I haven’t tried making it, only watched Didier make it.

    • 6 months or so ago a missionary family from Malawi brought foo-foo to church, and I’m still disappointed I’d missed that week with a headache–every member of my family has eaten foo-foo but me! I’ve pulled up some recipes, but haven’t been brave enough to try on my own.

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