Little Helper

Kiffanie loves to help, and it’s a great way for her to become acquainted with the routines of our home.  If I carry a laundry basket, she’s sure to be holding one of the handles.  If one of us is in the kitchen, Kiffanie points to herself and says, “Kiffanie prepare manger”  (Kiffanie prepare eat/food).  If I start to open a can she’ll reach for it and scurry for the can opener.  Every time I hand her a can she says, “Thank you, my mommy!”  She “helps” Daddy as he plays his dulcimer.  (Usually resulting in less music and more giggles.)   It may take longer to get some jobs done with the extra “help,” but I don’t know how we managed without this eager little helper.

Tomorrow I hope to begin adding posts of the newly organized photos from Ken’s time in the Democratic Republic of Congo!  I’ll give the poll one more day, so feel free to vote on yesterday’s post if you haven’t.  (I’m impressed at how many voted!  Thank you!)

Helping Daddy, Helping Kaira

Helping Daddy, Helping Kaira

Kisses For Daddy

Kisses For Daddy

Mommy's Can Opener

Mommy’s Can Opener


5 thoughts on “Little Helper

  1. she always looks so great in dresses and flowers in her hair… Kaira looks like she comes out of a magazine!!!!
    So touching! I think Kiffanie is greatful to have a family!

  2. The picture with Kiffanie looking into her Daddy’s eyes is absolutely precious! Oh, and I too love how you always have her hair so prettily done , complete with flowers, bows, or colorful clips. Mostly it amazes and blesses me to hear how well she is adjusting and fitting into your family.

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