A Lovely Saturday (Poll at End of Post)

Today began with a lazy morning.  Kiffanie brought me my oatmeal, proud that she’d helped her sister make it.  “Mommy, moi prepare monge!”    After a leisurely breakfast and some time just hanging out around the house we attended a graduation for a young man in our circles who is a great inspiration for my own little men.  They enjoyed looking through this tall young man’s old pictures and seeing that as a little boy he’d enjoyed Legos and many other things just like them.

After a time of fellowship with the grad and his family, we came home, fed our troops power-smoothies (they’d munched at the party too), and Ken took the four oldest (Kaira, Kendra, Keianna and Keegan) on a bike ride.  Kieran and Kiffanie were itching to go along and kept getting their own bikes out, but someone needed to stay home to entertain me, so the 4 & 5 year olds took the job, graciously playing a few rounds of Memory with me.    It was the sweetest game of Memory I’ve ever played.  Every time anyone would get a match, Kiffanie would clap, dance, smother them in kisses and shout, “Good job!”  Kieran soon followed suit, and when I’d get a match, I’d have a little sweetie kissing me from each side saying, “Yay!  Good job mommy!”   I don’t think I’ve ever been cheered so enthusiastically!

Bikers Embark Click to Enlarge

Bikers Embark Click to Enlarge

Playing Games

Playing Games

And now, for a poll: I’ve finally gotten photos gathered from both the ipad and the little Kodak that accompanied Ken to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  (He hadn’t been able to send many pictures to accompany the text updates I’d posted here on the blog, so even I had to wait for his return to see much photographic evidence.)  Now that I’ve got them sorta-kinda organized on my hard-drive, should I just stick to the present, or retro-blog the photos from Kiffanie’s homecoming trip?


5 thoughts on “A Lovely Saturday (Poll at End of Post)

  1. Just put them all on the blog, we just want to see pics, comentary not really needed. Then make a photo book (like on shutterfly) for Kiffanie to remember the people in Congo and her pics with her new family! 🙂

      • Yes, Kendra and Keianna are looking more alike these days! So fun! Sometimes I mistake one for the other at a quick glance if I’m not paying attention!

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